I acknowledge the mentoring of a number of outstanding preachers who have nurtured and nourished my homiletic skills
       through their guidance, encouragement or example:

Rev. George Smiga, Pastor, St. Noel, Willoughby Hills, OH 
Rev. Paul Hritz, Pastor Emeritus, St. Malachi, Cleveland, OH
Rev. Bill Thaden, Pastor, Sacred Heart Chapel, Lorain, OH 
John King, former, Associate Pastor, St. Hilary, Akron, OH
Patrick Mc Hugh, Former Associate, St. Malachi, Cleveland, OH
Rev. Don Cozzens, Associate Professor John Carroll University, University Heights, OH
My brother priests ordained with me on May 28, 1988

Special thanks to the following communities which have evaluated my preaching over the years:

St. Dominic Church, Shaker Heights, OH
St. Malachi Church, Cleveland, OH
St. Peter Church, Lorain, OH
St. Raphael Church, Bay Village, OH
Christ the King Church, East Cleveland, OH
400 +  parishes with whom I have shared the Word on behalf of the poor over the past  nine and half years .
The Sisters of St. Joseph, Cleveland and the Carmelites Sisters of the Holy Family, Cleveland Heights
with whom I regularly celebrate Eucharist


  One of the concerns I had in undertaking this project is that in so many cases I never thought to
  record the sources for some of the stories or images I used.  As I went through the notes and texts
  of the homilies posted here, I was able to remember some of those sources.  Other times my
  memory failed.  The two consistent sources I have used in the preparation of all my homilies are

Monika Hellwig's Gladness Their Escort
Patricia Datchuk Sanchez' s preaching resource in Celebration

  I will continue to update the crediting of sources as my memory (and hopefully my readers') bring
  these to my attention.