A Love That Is Inclusive --  Our initiation into Christ's death and resurrection is an ongoing experience that defines who we are as a man, woman, husband, wife, son, daughter. 

A Healer Who Is Healed-- As disciples of Jesus we imitate his reconciling power both as individuals and as a community.  The sacraments of healing show us the way of Jesus that leads to peace.

A Gospel That Empowers -- "Do this in memory of me," is a profound mystery that goes beyond ritual to action in our daily lives so that Eucharist becomes a verb that does justice.

The Joy of the Gospel

It's about the Story and the Story is

  …. about COVENANT

          …. about RELATIONSHIPS

   Very dynamic and faith-filled and inspiring. I can grasp a life filled with God and joyfully share it with others.

   I was away from the church for 20 years. So glad that I gave it another try. It had a lot to do with the friendliness   
   of the congregation.

   The mission has allowed me to grow in my relationship with God.

   Very thankful I was able to attend all three nights! Very enlightening and much needed at this point in my life.
   You showed how great being Catholic can be. Thank you!

   Fr. Lou was a great presenter; enjoyed his sense of humor and honesty.

   Learning to look at my church from a totally different perspective. Shared with my adult daughter and felt 
   elated with her response. Thanks for all that you do!

   The call to heal really helped me. I would go again!

   What a wonderful three days! Words could not express….I think you reinforced or brought to the surface what is
   deep in our hearts!


   What an amazing journey!  This mission has been so comforting and interesting.  I wish the Church could 
   offer retreats like this one more often.  I found peace here while the world is moving so fast!

   I truly feel very privileged and special to have been present at this amazing mission.  Your words have,
   I believe, changed my life!

   This was my first mission and ...it was awesome.  

   This has been a life changing event for me.  I am so thankful.

   I felt the communal spirit come alive as never before in any other parish.

   Finally understand and believe in God's unconditional love.  I am forgiven and made whole.  A wonderful
   feeling of peace and love.


   You  engaged all of our senses during this mission in leading us to reflect on the meaning of 
   discipleship in the 21st century.   Involving parishioners was a gift to them and to all who attended.  
   Thank you, Father. You are a gift.

   I was only going to come Monday, but Fr. Lou was like a magnet that brought me back each night.  It
   was a shot of "B12" for my spiritual life. 

   We at St. Francis are fortunate to have such a "down to our level" mission preacher to make and
   reinforce the need for us to share our Catholic religion.


   This one of the best (if not the best parish Lenten missions I have ever attended.  Fr. Lou spoke to the
   fabric of our souls and filled the church with the love of Jesus. Thank you!

   A fine mix of the best of our theology and real life stories/orientation.

   This helped me feel better about being Catholic, choosing to be Catholic, despite my church's failure to
   care better- for all people, especially those on the margins.

   I wasn't sure I wanted ti go out each evening, but I was so pleased.  I feel like a new person.

   As an eighty year-old man, I want to say that this was one of the most satisfying that I have experienced.

   Thank you for making Reconciliation a glowing invitation --after many (15) years away!


   The mission brought out emotions that are often withheld: self-realization of my role and commitment to
   my universal church.

   I was surprised.  This is not what I expected.  It seemed that the first night called me to the second and
   the second called me to the third.  I do find I still have a lot to learn and give.

   It was good to see all ages in church together.  A lot of work went into this mission.  I hope all received
   something from it.  I was so glad I was able to attend all three nights.

   I have not been to very many missions in my 29 years as a Catholic.  However, I truly believe that this
   was an outstanding mission.  I am very glad I attended all three nights.  I came away from this with so
   much more faith!

   Personally, this has provided spiritual strength for a morally challenging circumstance I recently found out 
   about.  It's provided a foundation and starting point.

   Sorry to see our mission end.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

   It was totally cool.  I want to do it all over again with the same priest. (Age 12)


   This was a very good expeience....a wonderful way to celebrate Advent by beginning again.

   I am a 14 yer old and sometimes I dose and daydream, but these nights have been fun and energetic,
   keeping me involved and focused at all times.

   This is the first time in many years that I have listened to every word spoken at a church service.

   I've enjoyed every evening -- found myself wanting more -- looking forward to the next night.

   Awesome parish mission!  My teenage children enjoyed Sunday and Monday also.  This is what the
   Church needs to bring more people back to the Catholic faith.

   So extremely sorry we had to miss the first two nights.


    I never attended a Mission before but found this to be a very spiritual, enlightening and meaningful 
    experience.  Enhanced my faith. Thank you very much!

   Energizing! Enlightening! Touching!

   My wife and I were happy and pleased that we were here -- we have learned -- we will remember -- we will

   This was the first Mission I have been to but it won't be my last.

   Fr. Lou, you have a gift of waking up a human mind and heart. Thank you for your humor, honesty and
   loving support.  You are a great speaker and leader.

   Everything I heard reaffirms so many thoughts about the Church -- now, put them into practice.

   My five-year-old blessed me in the ritual the first night and I felt a rush of emotion.  

Discipleship and the "Francis Effect"
Views from the Pews