the spiritual dimension
     of human relationships

Families of Faith

   We need constant reminders like this mission to keep us focused.  May you continue inspiring other churches.

   This mission was very special to me personally due to a broken relationship recently experienced.

   I liked the emphasis on love and the challenge of justice and hospitality.

   In spite of my hectice schedule being a wife, a mother, and an employer, I managed to come on time all four nights! 
   Spiritual guidance.  We need this type of retreat in this parish at least twice a year.

   Thank you for being emphatic without becoming or sounding angry.  

   The presentations were good but the rituals were outstanding!


   Father put his whole heart and soul into this mission to make it so effective.

   I really enjoyed this mission.  Father has a good sense of humor and so easy to listen to.  Come back.

   The handouts will be used often!  Four very moving and inspiring days.

   I have begun to examine my relationships.

   I received so much from the talks Father Lou gave each of the four nights.  His talks made me more aware of 
   how many ways we can and should help all people we come in contact with.


   I came to the mission "for lent."  How much more I received than giving up a few hours "for lent."  

   I have learned much and will learn more from the readings recommended.  I have a new found understanding of
    reconciliation, church, family and giving.  Thank you so much.

   This is one of the best experiences of my life.

   The mission was uplifting and thought-provoking.  I really got a lot out of it.

   Such warmth, such honesty, such love.  Thank you.

   This did indeed change my life.

   The mission had a lot to offer.  The presentations all four nights were very rewarding.


   The mission was a wonderful combination of music, word, ritual and thought-provoking lecture.  Your joy is

   Thank you for your presentation of inclusiveness, your work for all peoples, your creativity in the mission and
   especially for your upbeat attitude.

   Superb presentations! I didn't want the evenings to end.  You are welcome to come back whenever you can.

   The mission was great for me.  I have grown  more in the last four days than I have in two years.  

   Very straight-forward -- no tricks -- no gimmicks -- low key -- good stuff !  A real shot in the arm.

   Thank you for reaffirming our beautiful faith!

   Your insights and honesty I found refreshing.  The third night healed a relationship (in less than 24 hours) and
    changed my perspective and healed ME in an area that was painful and sinful.  You've been a blessing to me.

   Father was refreshing on so many levels -- candid and real -- faith-filled, joyful, humble, kind, compassionate and
   holy. Thank you!

   I loved the way all of us were included and engaged.  We were all participants in the mission.

   Thank you for the wonderful stories -- you are awesome.  God is truly pleased having you serve Him!  What a
   wonderful Catholic experience!

If it's a family it's 

  ...about COVENANT

      ...about RELATIONSHIPS
"The Family" stained glass window, Holy Family Church, Jasper, IN
CREATION & COVENANT                                                                           And God said let there be; and it was.
The story of the unfolding  of the universe speaks to us  of a covenant rooted in God’s unconditional love which sustains the cosmos  and offers us an awesome promise.  The story of Jesus, in turn, enfleshes that love and fulfills that promise. And in the midst is our story.

FAMILIES OF FAITH                                                                        And the two become one.      
How we interact within the family helps us in our relationship with God and with all of God’s marvelous creation. For in the family we have a model for the connectedness that is possible even in the midst of individuality and diversity.

A WEB OF RELATIONSHIPS                                                                                       That all may be one. 
From the story of the Universe and the Jesus story, we see our role in nurturing and sustaining the family of humanity through a web of relationships that includes our community, our Church and our world.

Views from the Pews