Support Staff

Ministers do not minister alone.  In a myriad of ways there are people who support and encourage, advise and assist those who are called to ministry.  

That has been true throughout my ministry, and it is true in my current ministry of Sabbath Retreats.  Whether it's office help, editing, or giving professional guidance these special people are what makes this preaching ministry sosuccessful.  

A heartfelt "Thank You" is a simple and, at the same time, profound acknowlegement of all they do.

Maryann Semancik            Howard Erlichmen              Joan Lang, CSJ
Kathleen Carey, CSJ          Juanita Shealy, CSJ          Susan Imburgia, CSJ

In Memoriam
  Thelma Gerhart, CSJ 
Donna Emerson, CSJ 
 Mary Clare Moran, CSJ