IDENTITY ~ Sinners who know they are loved

Saints accept the reality of their humanity with all its shortcomings, faults and foibles as the beginning – the foundation – of sanctity.

At the same time this awareness of their brokenness bolsters the realization of how much they are loved by God, who accepts them just as they are.

COMPASSION ~  Lovers of life and of others

Contrary to so many traditional images of Saints as dour and forlorn, sanctity requires a joy-filled, passionate love of life – even (or perhaps especially) from martyrs.

This passion flows over into compassion -- a love for others rooted in identifying with their joys and sorrows, their successes and failures.

JUSTICE  ~ Prayerful visionaries

Saints are comfortable in their relationship with God: dialog trumps formula prayer.  They are easily on a first name basis, like Jesus who called God “Abba” -- "Daddy."

This intimate relationship makes them privy to the Reign of God: they are able to vision God’s Reign of Justice and Peace and how it will be realized through their efforts.

They Walked by Faith
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